How to Correctly Do The Banana Diet

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The banana diet originated in Japan in 2008. It offers a weight loss plan that is healthy and doesn’t leave the dieter lacking nourishment or feeling hungry. The banana diet does not restrict banana size, the number eaten daily, or the method of intake (i.e.: individually, mixed or blended, etc.).

The banana diet is not recommended for long periods or for losing a significant amount of weight. Typically the 3-day banana diet results in losing approximately 5-6 pounds. A 7-day banana diet naturally cleanses and can help you lose 6-8 pounds.

The Benefits of Bananas and the Banana Diet

The banana diet is relatively successful because the fruit has no cholesterol or fat. Bananas are high in potassium, Vitamin B, and magnesium. They are naturally heart healthy, and good for your immune system, nervous system, bones, and kidneys. As a bonus, bananas produce serotonin known to enhance one’s positive perspective.

Bananas act as a potential weight loss agent because they provide dietary fiber (or roughage) that add bulking and is water soluble and passes as gas. The dietary fiber also changes how other nutrients are absorbed in the body. For example, digestive tract by-products such as short chain fatty acids increase oxidation which reduces fat accumulation over time.

Correctly Doing the Banana Diet

The correct way to do any diet is to begin and end it gradually. Although the banana diet permits unlimited consumption of bananas, it is advised to start slowly and allow your body time to adjust. Remember your body is suddenly consuming nothing but potassium, Vitamin B, magnesium, and water after being use to carbs, sugars, and processed foods. To many bananas consumed too fast may result in uncomfortable gassiness.

The banana diet doesn’t have to be boring. Bananas may be eaten individually or mixed into plain yogurt. Blend one banana, one cup of low fat or almond milk, and ice cubes for a smoothie. Freeze bananas and blended them with low fat/almond milk into an ice cream treat.

The 7-day natural cleansing banana diet includes green tea and two eggs with your bananas.
You may drink an unlimited amount of green tea and consume up to 3 pounds of bananas each day. Eat two eggs at some point during the seven day plan.

There are only two restrictions on either the 3-day or 7-day banana diet: do not eat anything after 8pm and go to sleep by midnight.

A Typical Banana Diet Menu

Breakfast – One or several small bananas with low fat or almond milk or room temperature water (can be blended for a smoothie or added to plain yogurt).

Morning Snack - One or more individual bananas (no desserts, mixing, or blending).

Lunch – Unlimited choices (you may opt for one banana and a small salad without dressing).

Afternoon Snack - One or more individual bananas (no desserts, mixing, or blending).

Dinner (Eat before 8pm) - Unlimited choices.

Remember, eat nothing after 8pm and go to bed by midnight.

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