How to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

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There are a number of ways for women to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins naturally. Women don?t have to rely on fertility specialists and expensive treatments to get pregnant with twins. There are natural ways to increase the chances of having multiple births. From dietary alterations to genetic predispositions and age factors, getting pregnant with twins naturally is possible.

Dietary Alterations

Research has shown that there is a clear link between women who eat dairy foods and multiple births. At least one study has shown that women who eat dairy foods everyday are five times more likely to have twins than women who don?t. It?s as simple as drinking a glass of milk or having cheese on a sandwich. Some women swear by wild yams. African tribeswomen who eat wild yams have incredibly high rates of twin births.

Medications and Supplements

Folic acid is an important part of the prenatal vitamin protocol, but most women don?t know that it can increase the chances of having twins too. Women who take a folic acid supplement before pregnancy may be up to 40 percent more likely to conceive twins. Folic acid is also helpful in preventing birth defects. Women who begin trying to get pregnant after discontinuing birth control pills also have an increased chance of having twins. It may take a few months for a woman?s ovulation cycle to bet back into a rhythm. It?s not uncommon for ovaries to release two eggs at a time in the months immediately following the discontinuation of oral contraceptive pills.

Physical Considerations

Weight gain is also a consideration for women who want to have twins. There isn?t any research showing causation of multiple births and women who have higher than normal body mass index scores, but there is a clear link between the two factors. Women who are still breastfeeding also have an increased chance of conceiving twins. Finally, women who are 45 years old or older have a good chance of releasing more than one egg during an ovulation cycle.

Genetic Predisposition

Most women know that twins run in families. It may be helpful to call a few relatives and ask about the family history of twins. It?s especially important to check with maternal relatives. In addition, African American women are more likely to have twins than women of other ethnicities. With a few dietary, health and genetic factors in mind, it is possible to conceive twins naturally.

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