How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through The Night

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Every new mother and father dreams about getting a full night?s sleep. Unfortunately, they are only getting those dreams in stolen winks throughout the night. They?re likely still getting up once or twice each night to feed and check on the baby. It?s going to be impossible for parents to get a good night?s sleep for the first three months of a baby?s life.

Maintaining a Regular Schedule

Many doctors agree that setting and maintaining a regular bedtime schedule is important for getting babies to sleep through the night. Just like everybody else, babies love having routines. There is something comforting about having a great routine. It?s not surprising. There aren?t any unexpected events or disruptions occurring at night.

Make it a Routine

A bedtime schedules is a fantastic way to get babies sleeping through the night. Establishing a bedtime routine is a perfect way to reduce stimulation and get into that important schedule. Bedtime routines can include a bath, a book or a favorite lullaby. It?s important to do these things every night. Babies need to have a structured pre-slumber schedule. This can help ease them into sleeping soundly through the night. They will begin to recognize that a warm bath comes before bedtime. Parents should remember that once a routine has been established, it may be difficult to make changes. Babies may begin to demand their favorite lullaby before going to bed. Routines should only be changed gradually. Babies need their routines to be predictable and comfortable.

Make Daily Activities Lively

Daily feedings should be lively and social. Babies should begin to understand that evening and night hours are for sleeping. Feeding a baby at night should be a quiet endeavor. It shouldn?t be too exciting or stimulating. Eventually, the baby will begin to recognize that night time hours are for sleeping.

Additional Considerations

If a baby wakes up in the middle of the night, many parents will just let the baby cry for a little while. Obviously, this isn?t advisable for babies who are less than 6 months old. Some parents find it impossible to avoid picking up a crying baby. It may be helpful to tell the baby that everything is going to be okay. Speak in a soothing voice, and let the baby go back to sleep. At this age, there?s no reason why savvy parents can?t get their infants sleeping through the night.

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