How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting and New

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Do you remember your first kiss? How about the elation you felt when he asked you to marry him, or the way your heart raced as you exchanged vows and pledged to love each other forever? Young love is exhilarating and spontaneous. Newlyweds are kind, considerate, and mindful of each other’s feelings and desires.

Time changes things. What happens to that innocent spontaneity and unbridled passion? Does life get too complicated and crowded with stress and responsibility? No one wants to give up on the glorious feeling of being in love. What can you do to assure that your relationship flourishes in spite of the complexities of life? How can you keep your relationship alive with enthusiasm and passion?

Set Priorities

The job, the kids, household chores, grocery shopping, bill paying, yard work, extended family, hobbies and a multitude of other commitments can sideline the importance of nurturing, loving and supporting each other.

Kids need to see the love shared by their parents. The greatest gift parents can give their children is to let them see what a loving relationship looks like. Expressions of love and a spirit of unity will help kids set expectations for their own relationships. Make time for each other every day.

Keep Romance Alive

Let’s go back to that first kiss. Romance is the key to an exciting relationship. Schedule a date night at least once a week. You’re going on a date, so no sweat pants and sneakers. Dress like you did when you were trying to impress each other. Hold hands, flirt, and share a meal and a glass of wine. Leave the troubles of the day behind, and focus on each other. If you love to dance, find a place where you can sway to the music. Choose an activity that you both love, and make it happen. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make in the day to day routine.

Make Time for Intimacy

Date night may lead right into this one. Intimacy never loses it’s importance in a relationship. Life can be hectic. If we go back to setting priorities, ask yourself if doing the dishes and tidying up the house is really so important. If you feel a slump in your relationship, or a lack of physical intimacy, let those dishes go. Put the kids to bed early, close your door, light some candles, and escape into each other’s arms. You’ll get up in the morning feeling invigorated, and you won’t have dishpan hands!

The secret to a happy relationship is the love shared by the people in it. Be loyal to each other, support each other, and make sure your relationship never ends up on the back burner. If things start to fizzle, be creative and make them sizzle. If you do, you’ll find yourselves married for 30 years and still on your honeymoon.

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