How to Know if He Loves You

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Whether a man is not especially open about his feelings, or maybe a woman struggles with a little bit of insecurity, she may question the level of his commitment. In this case, what may be obvious to others may not be apparent to her. However, men definitely display signs of love.

Acts Respectful

When a man loves his girlfriend or his wife, he cares about her feelings, thoughts, desires and needs. He listens to her and values her opinion concerning the details of his life. When in public, he does not berate or belittle her to others. In a crowd, he often glances in her direction and smiles, which lets her know that he is never far away. He compliments and admires her. He tolerates her quirks and makes sacrifices to please her. He supports and encourages her efforts.

He Thinks About You

He might take the time to send humorous messages or a song that reminds him of you. He might want to continue a conversation that began the night before. He may remark that he thought of you after seeing or experiencing something that day. These are all indications that you are a real presence in his daily thoughts. You can rest assured that he feels committed.

How He Makes You Feel

You must evaluate how you feel when you are with him. What is it about a man's actions that make you feel good or bad? He wants her to feel special and treasured. A man who loves often goes the extra mile to do something nice or special for his lady. When a man loves a woman, he demonstrates his feelings by acting in such a way that she feels safe and secure when he is around. He shows concern for her overall well-being.

Unconditional Acceptance

In short, he does not try to mold you. Some men are considerate during the early phase of the relationship. However, as time passes, he begins mentioning little things that he would prefer you change. He wants you to live up to his expectations of what his ideal woman might be. A man who loves you accepts your whole being for who you are.

He Demonstrates Trust

When a man falls in love, he lets his guard down and allows her to see his vulnerabilities. He willingly shares part of himself with her that few others see. He trusts her with his feelings, thoughts and desires without worrying that she will judge or consider him less than a man.

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