How to Recognize if a First Date Went Well

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A first date often causes anticipation and excitement along with nervousness and uncertainty. The big night arrives, and the new couple may or may not enjoy the meeting. Each may return home wondering what kind of impression they made on the other. There are a few signs to look for when wondering if there might be a second date.

Control Your Emotions

Couples have many avenues at their disposal that serve to getting to know another person before actually meeting them face-to-face. Couples may talk on the phone, text or message each other. While it is perfectly normal to feel a certain level of anxiety while getting ready for the date, calm yourself. Problems arise when making the situation all about you. The event is typically nothing more than an informal opportunity to get to know more about your date. There are no guarantees that either one of you will desire to carry the relationship further. Be yourself, and express a genuine interest in the other person. Resist the urge create unrealistic expectations.

Conversation Cues

While both may feel ill at ease in the beginning, during the course of the conversation, you learn what the two of you might have in common. As the time together progresses, both often feel more comfortable and conversation comes easier. However, if you start mentally dissecting the other person while looking for and perhaps finding faults, things are probably not going that well. The atmosphere may also turn tense if one person feels the need to continually grill the other with a line of questioning.

Body Language

Through body language and conversation, both individuals gain enough information that leads to a conclusion of whether a romantic relationship is developing. If your date continually looks in other directions, keeps their distance or initiates a conversation with another person, they are more than likely not that interested.

Not So Happy Ending

Be on the lookout for a date that seems to want the experience to end by making excuses. They also might act overly polite while seeming distant. On the other hand, you might be the one that wants the time to end. A limp handshake, a half-hearted hug or a pat on the back suggests that all is not well.


If the date went well, one of you should contact the other within two or three days. While people typically lead busy lives, it is not that difficult to send a quick text or email. If a great deal of time lapses before hearing from the other person, this is not a good sign. Receiving a call or message too soon might indicate someone who is overly anxious. A battery of emails, texts or voice messages is also not normal. If you do connect, there should be an invitation to spend more time together.

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