How to Talk About Teen Dating

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There comes a time in every parent?s life when they have to talk to their children about dating. It may come as a shock to parents. They may have a hard time recognizing that their children are growing into tiny adults. The best way to make sure teens are prepared when they begin dating is to actually talk to them. Listed below are a few points to touch on for a successful conversation about teen dating.

Establish Ground Rules

First, parents need to establish ground rules. Even though teens are looking for more freedom and responsibility in their own lives, they still have to obey rules. Setting up ground rules is a great way to establish expectations. If teens want to date, they need to be getting good grades in school. If these rules are set in advance, teens are more likely to follow them. There should also be expectations about responsibilities at home. Curfews will need to be discussed. Teens will need to know where they can?t and can?t be with potential suitors.

Discuss Healthy Relationship Traits

It?s also important to talk to teens about healthy relationships. Hopefully, parents are setting good examples in their own homes. Teens learn relationship behaviors from their parents. Even if parents are setting fantastic examples at home, they should also talk to their children about healthy relationship behaviors. They should discuss proper communication skills. They can also tell teens about what isn?t healthy, and how to recognize a potentially controlling or abusive partner. When teenagers date, they are learning about others and themselves. If they can identify negative behaviors early, they will undoubtedly suffer less heartache.

Talk About Sex

This is the most dreaded part of the dating topic for parents. Some parents want to ignore this subject altogether. Parents should never neglect talking to their teens about sex. It isn?t enough to just tell them not to do it. This is a time of discovery and experimentation for teenagers. They need to be equipped with knowledge. It?s important to talk to teens about the consequences of having sex. It might be helpful to set an appointment with a family doctor, so teens can ask questions in a less embarrassing environment. Parents should tell their teens about the emotional responsibility that comes with engaging in sexual intercourse too. Ultimately, a positive open line of communication is the most helpful thing for teens beginning to date.

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