How to Treat a Woman with Respect

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Of all the things that women want, respect is up at the top. For some, respecting women comes naturally, while for others it may take effort and attention. Much of this depends on how the women in your family were treated, and the level of respect that they accepted from others. So, if you believe your mother and sisters are people who command respect, and people in your family treat them with respect, start there. If you were not raised around women, or you believe they were not treated with a large amount of respect, read on and learn the basics of respecting women:

Respectful Words

The first part of respect comes with words. The way you speak to women is the first sign of respect. This means you need to treat the things that she says as important, and not belittle them. Avoid insults, making fun of her, or dismissing what she has to say. Instead, consider it important and take an interest in learning something new from her. Just because you are not interested in the topics that she is interested in doesn't mean that you can't listen to her and share in the fact that she is excited.

Respectful Actions

Treating a woman with respect also has a lot to do with action. This includes treating her gently and kindly, and not getting overly angry with her. If you are angry, then speak with her about the problem and give her an opportunity to discuss it with you. Don't yell or threaten or take revenge. Do not get physical with her. Respectful actions mean that when you do things, you are taking into consideration the kind of thing that will make her happy vs the things that will make her unhappy. This especially means avoiding doing things that will make her unhappy to try and get your way.


This is probably the most difficult part of respect, but it is also the most important. Consideration means doing and saying things because you know it will make a woman feel cared for and respected. It means listening for the hundredth time about her difficult family issues and supporting her, or going to the movie that she likes, even if you don't dig chick flicks. Consideration is both word and deed, and it is the clearest unspoken form of love. The best part of consideration is that it creates opportunity for someone to give that kindness back to you. Respect is not a selfless thing, instead it sets up a standard of treatment for someone that you can also expect in return. Those who treat others with respect have the right to say that this is what they want from others. Best of all, they usually get it.

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