How to Use The Weissbluth Sleep Training Method

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The Weissbluth Sleep Training Method is appealing to new parents for a number of reasons. This method points out that babies sleep differently during the daylight hours. The Weissbluth Sleep Training Method actually takes a baby?s natural sleep cycle into account. Understanding the different kinds of sleep can also help parents customize sleep schedules for their babies.

Recognizing The Baby?s Natural Sleep Pattern

The Weissbluth Method depends upon the recognition of a baby?s natural sleep pattern. Parents need to be observant of sleepy babies. Parents are encouraged to look for the tell tale signs of a sleep baby. They should look for eye rubbing and a decrease in alertness. It?s important to address a sleepy baby immediately. Sleepy babies who are kept awake are going to be fussy all night.

Create a Schedule

Once the natural sleep cycle has been recognized, parents can create a schedule for naps and bedtimes. It?s important to create the schedule around the baby?s natural sleep cycle. This is the most critical part of the Weissbluth Method. Babies shouldn?t be forced to sleep when they aren?t sleepy. Weissbluth Sleep Method success only happens when a natural schedule has been developed for each individual baby.

Utilizing Weissbluth Techniques

The Weissbluth technique for eliminating crying isn?t a favorite for all parents. Unfortunately, parents are encouraged to let their babies cry. This can be difficult for first-time parents. Naturally, they will want to comfort their crying babies. It?s important to remember that this technique is only applicable for babies who are older than six months. Little babies need to have their needs met immediately. Parents should focus on bedtime sleep training first. Naptime training can be more difficult, so it?s important to have a solid foundation in bedtime sleep training first.


When using the Weissbluth Sleeping Method, it?s also critical for parents to be consistent. Training setbacks can occur when parents aren?t consistent. Both parents have to be on the same page for sleep training too. One parent?s actions can sabotage an otherwise successful training session.

Parents who use the Weissbluth Method for sleep training for multiple children will quickly see that no two babies are alike. The Weissbluth Method is designed with that understanding in mind. There are different schedules and techniques for different babies. Fussier babies may need earlier bedtimes. Success with the Weissbluth Method is possible with a little bit of persistence and consistency.

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