Is Airbrush Tanning Safe While Pregnant

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Many women want to have that healthy-looking glow throughout pregnancy. Some women come by it naturally. Other women may have a hard time keeping up with their tans. Airbrush tanning may seem like the perfect solution for expecting moms.

What?s in Spray Tanning Solutions?

Most spray tans include the chemical dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This chemical is traditionally non-toxic to most people. Spray tans may also include erythrulose. Both of these chemicals work by interacting with the proteins in the top player of skin. Many women swear by this method of tanning during pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is very little peer-reviewed research to substantiate the claims of safety for spray tanning during pregnancy. It?s important to discuss the risks and benefits of spray tans with one?s doctor before going into the booth.

Additional Hazards

Women who get spray tans are also in danger of inhaling some of the chemicals. This can be incredibly dangerous for developing babies. Inhaling chemicals like DHA can be hazardous for mothers and babies. These chemicals may be deemed relatively harmless when applied topically. When inhaled internally, they can be incredibly damaging.

Pregnancy Considerations

The chemicals in spray tans may also interact with a pregnant woman?s hormones. A woman who has previously had no problems with spray tans may find she has an allergy to the chemicals when she is pregnant. Due to hormonal differences, the color may come out incorrectly too. In addition, chemical sensitivities and allergies can be hard on the baby.

When in Doubt

It?s important to avoid potentially hazardous chemicals while pregnant. There really hasn?t been sufficient research conducted to determine whether or not spray tans are truly safe for pregnant women and their babies. In this case, most women will choose to spend a little bit more time outside, or embrace their creamy light skin. A little bit of bronzer can go a long way too! Sunbathing is a fun activity for expecting mothers who spend too much time inside under fluorescent lights. It?s important to avoid getting burned while pregnant, but a little bit of vitamin D is great for the baby.

Speak With Your Doctor

Ultimately, it?s important to speak with one?s doctor before choosing to go into the spray tanning booth. He or she will likely ask for a list of ingredients. A doctor can go over the list and let expecting mothers know if any of the chemicals are harmful to developing babies.

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