(1909 - 2002) was a U.S. psychologist who received his doctorate (Ph.D.) in psychology from Yale University in 1935. Miller then took a year out studying psychoanalysis in the city of Vienna, after which he taught at Yale University for 30 years before moving to the Rockefeller University in 1966 which Neal stayed at until retiring. His main interest was in the motivational aspects of reward and drive reduction and the real applications of experimental results in clinical psychology. Miller had a wide number of books published, from the Personality Anti Psychotherapy in 1950 to Social Learning and Imitation. He was also awarded a large number of prestigious awards such as the National Medal of Science, the Gold Medal of the American Psychological Foundation, the American Psychological Association's Distinguished Sci

MILLER, NEAL ELGAR: "Neal Miller was an award winning U.S. psychologist who was awarded his doctorate from Yale University in 1935, he spent the most part of his career teaching at Yale before moving to the Rockefeller University in 1966. "
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