Normal Baby Weight By Month

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There are a myriad of factors that go into your baby?s weight. Each month, their weight will fluctuate. Most importantly, you want to see consistency and overall growth of the child. Most physicians today use weight charts established by the Centers for Disease Control when examining your baby to make sure their weight is on track with the health standards that have been set.

Birth to Three Months

During your son or daughter?s first three months of life, they will usually lose some weight before gaining anything significant. Generally, the weight lost comes immediately following birth, but may be delayed in some cases. Nonetheless, most often, the baby will lose up to ten percent of their birth weight. Usually, this weight is recovered by the time the infant is two weeks old. At the infant?s one month checkup, doctors look for a healthy weight between 6.6 and 11.2 pounds, depending on their initial birth weight.

Four to Six Months

Your infant ought to pack on a pound or two every month until they reach six months of age. By four months old, he or she should weigh in between 11 and 17.6 pounds. By five month checkups, most pediatricians want the child to have doubled their birth weight. Then, by six months old, the baby should weigh at least 13.6 pounds, but can be up to 21.1.

Nine Months

The recommended infant weight at nine months old lies between 15.6 and 24 pounds. This weight range is on track with an estimated one pound weight gain every month for the first year of life.

12 Months

By the time the baby is marking their first birthday, they should weigh between 17.6 and 26.6 pounds. If your son or daughter has been breastfed exclusively, they will likely weigh a pound or two less than infants on formula-based diets during their first year.

18 Months

Babies who are more sedentary will obviously retain more weight than those who are quite active. Likewise, more active babies won?t gain weight as easy as their less active counterparts either. At 18 months of age, babies ought to weigh 20 to 30.6 pounds.

24 Months

At the two year mark, babies will have reached a weight of 22 to 34.1 pounds, or about four times his or her birth weight.

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