noun. a tricyclic antidepressant, a so-called secondary tricyclic, which is the primary metabolic product of amitriptyline. Even though its clinical effectiveness is identical to other tricyclics, and the other secondary tricyclic agent, desipramine, were frequently favored because they were not as sedating and had less anticholinergic impacts. A therapeutic window is thought to be present for nortriptyline: even though plasma levels don't always correspond with clinical efficacy, optimum reactions are considered to arise whenever serum levels of the drug lie between 50 and 150 ng/ml. Plasma levels above 500 ng/ml are poisonous. The accessibility of newer antidepressants which don't neccesitate therapeutic monitoring has led to a decrease in its use. U.S. trade names: Aventyl- Pamelor.

NORTRIPTYLINE: "Since Beth began taking the Nortriptyline, her depressive symptoms have decreased significantly."
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