a mood disorder in females which starts at different times for different women, but always within the period of time between ovulation and menstruation. Symptoms subside for some on the first day of menses, and others not until a few days into such. Affected females experience severe emotional labiality and mood swings, inclusive of extremely depressed moods, rage, anxiety, paranoia, emotions of helplessness and likewise, hopelessness, and reduced interest in activities. Crying spells, severe irritability toward others and situations, and many physical symptoms such as headaches, visible bloating, body aches and pain, extremely tender breasts, marked fatigue, and more. Different than premenstrual syndrome, the indicators must be intense enough to inhibit operating in social activities and occupations, and interfere with relationships.

PREMENSTRUAL DYSPHORIC DISORDER: "Proponents of PMDD research continue to find more and more information that links PMDD not to the brain, but to the hormones created in the endocrine system."
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