Signs That The Baby Has Dropped in The Pelvis

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Near the end of the pregnancy, the baby will drop into the pelvis. There are a variety of signs and symptoms associated with the baby moving into the pelvis. Surprisingly, some women will report that they feel noticeably lighter at this time. The baby?s shift will also have a profound physiological impact on the woman?s body.

A Lighter Feeling

When the baby drops into the pelvis, many women feel a noticeable change. The time leading up to the baby dropping can leave some women out of breath. The baby is taking up so much space and pressing on the ribcage. Mothers may experience a heavy feeling in their chests and also a shortness of breath. Luckily, when the baby drops, he or she is no longer pressing on the mother?s ribcage. She will feel much lighter through the chest. Her breathing may be deeper and easier too. Not surprisingly, her clothes may feel a little bit tighter around the lower abdomen. This is because the baby is now a lot lower in her belly.

Bladder Pressure

The chest pressure will decrease, and the bladder pressure will increase. When the baby drops into the pelvis, the mother will have an increased need to urinate. The baby is now pressing on the bladder more than ever. Once the baby has dropped, women can expect to make more frequent and urgent trips to the bathroom. Women may feel a little wobbly at this stage too.

Increased Appetite

Just like breathing, eating is easier after the baby drops too. When the baby drops in the pelvis, women may notice their appetites increase. The baby?s new location allows for more expansion of the stomach. This means that women will begin to eat more at meals. Women at this stage also report a decrease in heartburn. This is great news for mothers who have returning appetites.


Unfortunately, constipation can also increase after the baby drops. When the baby is in the new position, women can expect a fair amount of rectal pressure. This can also lead to uncomfortable hemorrhoids. Women are encouraged to eat plenty of fiber and drink a lot of water during this time. Luckily, once the baby has dropped, delivery is imminent. Some parts of the body will become more comfortable, and other parts of the body will become less comfortable. It?s only temporary, and the baby will come soon enough.

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