The Best Age to Have a Baby

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The best age to have a baby can be pretty subjective. Many American women like to put their careers first. This means that they are getting married, having babies and starting families much later than their mothers or grandmothers were. There has also been a resurgence of young mothers too. Popular television programming has glamorized the life of young, good-looking mothers. Ultimately, the best age to have a baby is different for everybody.

The Best Age Biologically

Biologically speaking, women in their early 20?s are in the best position to have babies. There are numerous studies which correlate these years with healthy babies and moms. Their bodies are in the best possible condition to carry babies. Their follicles are in top form. The fewest number of birth defects are associated with babies born out of women in this age group. Unfortunately, women in this age group may not be ready financially or socially for the demands of motherhood. Many women wish to put off the expense and responsibility of having children until they are older.

The Best Age Sociologically

Socially, women in their early 30?s are in the best position to get pregnant. This gives modern American women the time to pursue educational and career goals. This ensures babies have the best possible financial resources available to them after birth. Most families get by on two incomes now. It?s not like their mother?s or grandmother?s time. Women in this age group also want to have college funds started and fantastic educational opportunities available to their babies. There may be less uncertainty to deal with in this age group. Women and their partners are most likely well established in communities. Women in their 20?s are usually just getting started in the world.

Make it The Best Age

Ultimately, every situation is different. It?s up to each woman and her family to make the decision about what the best age to have a baby is. For some women, 23 might be the best age. Other women might wait until age 33. What?s most important is that the baby is well cared for and loved. Women in their 20?s need to address issues related to finance and stability before having babies. Women who have babies later in life may need to address potential pre-natal health issues. No matter what age a woman gets pregnant at, she needs to address all health concerns with her doctor.

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