Calm a Hyper Overactive Dog

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Hyperactive behavior in dogs varies with breed and individual animals. Often times, the behavior occurs because the dog is bored and does not get enough physical stimulation. Correcting the problem involves changing the method used for interacting with the animal when the behavior happens and ensuring that the dog receives an adequate amount of physical exercise on a daily basis. There are a number of steps that dog owners can take to reverse the undesired activity.

Basic Training

Shortly after bringing a new dog home, basic training techniques should begin. Come, sit, stay and lie down are commands that canine companions must learn and follow early in the relationship. If accustomed to following commands during calm moments, the dog will be more likely to obey respond appropriately in times of stress.

Ignore the Behavior

Dogs rely on the attention that they receive from their owners. By giving the dog attention during a hyperactive episode, owners reinforce the fact that the dog will receive attention be it negative or positive. When a dog starts jumping, nipping, running around or demonstrating hyper excited behavior in any form, resist any form of interaction. Do not look at the dog. Do not talk to or touch the dog until the animal calms itself.

Redirect the Energy

If a dog seems to have an excessive amount of pent up energy, a vigorous run or walk is often just the thing to provide a healthy release. At the end of the activity, the animal will often act much calmer and will be all too willing to relax. Routine walks or runs are a simple means of ensuring that the dog is getting the physical activity it needs to stay healthy while preventing built-up anxiety.

Engage the Dog

Having something to do to preoccupy their time and stimulate their mind is often a tremendous help in correcting bad behavior. In addition to physical activity, dogs are intelligent creatures and need psychological stimulation. At home, owners might consider hiding treats and encouraging the animal to go on a scavenger hunt. If a dog becomes overly interested in other animals or people when going for a walk. Let the dog carry a small backpack with a water bottle or other slightly weighted object. In this way he or she will often remain focused on the task at hand and not become easily distracted by their surroundings.

Owner Behavior

Dogs often mirror their owner's behavior. If a dog owner remains calm in situations, the dog will follow the lead and also remain calm. Exhibiting stress, tension or any type of anxious behavior in the form of body language or verbal cues sends a message to the dog to be on high alert. The dog then feels that certain situations dictate similar behavior.

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