Ceragem Therapy

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The therapy originated in South Korea and involves a type of heated acupressure message performed on 15 distinct pressure points along the spine that reportedly correlate with different bodily regions and organ systems. Ceragem refers to the name of the Korean company that manufactures and distributes hand-held and table massage devices that provide a combination of heat and pressure massage.

Ceragem Massage Benefits

The company website claims that the massage technology effectively alleviates stress harbored in the body along with the discomfort associated with arthritis by reducing muscle stiffness and pain while improving blood and lymph circulation. The devices are a modernized version of ancient Eastern philosophy health techniques passed down from hundreds of generations.

Ceragem Therapy Message

The therapeutic massage created by the beds involves internally located jade balls that run on a track up and down the length of the spine while a mechanism emits infrared heat. The jade ball rollers also have the ability to raise or lower to provide different levels of massage intensity. The beds are programmable to have the rollers travel at different rates of speed or along restricted spinal locations. Users also have the ability to program the amount of heat emitted along with the time of each treatment.

Some table models additionally offer built-in music therapy with a choice of nature sounds, classical music or instrumental selections created for meditation. A SD card slot enables massage table users to expand their music choices to include personal favorites. The integrated sound system includes a two-way speaker, earphone jack and a remote control.

Ceragem Availability

Canada, India and the United States are some of the countries that offer Ceragem massage therapy treatments in distributor orientated facilities. Potential clients are welcome to enjoy a designated number of free 30-minute sessions of the heated message therapy while a host explains the particulars of the device. After the trial-period ends, clients are then encouraged to purchase memberships to continue treatments or purchase one of the machines. Health spas also own and offer the massages. Consumers may visit the company website and purchase one of the therapeutic products directly from Ceragem for home use. The price of the massage tables exceeds two-thousand dollars.

FDA Approval

The United States Food and Drug Administration approved the devices for use to temporarily relieve the aches and pain associated with minor muscle and joint pain. However, many distributors made a series of false claims that led consumers to believe that the devices were effective in healing many medical conditions and ailments ranging from cancer and cardiovascular disease processes to epilepsy, female reproductive disorders and other maladies. As such, the FDA prohibited certain cities and states within the United States from selling the machines.


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