Create Your Own Personal Mantra

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Mantras have been used since ancient times and act as aids to transform goals or thoughts into reality. They reflect a personal idea and help up realize that we are in control of our lives. Repeating a mantra serves to reinforce ideas planted in the mind, and also help keep us focused and motivated to achieve the end result.

Traditional Mantras

Traditional meditation practices included the mantra that often featured Sanskrit chants or hymns. Many were used as a type of prayer to Vedic deities when desiring a blessing. The repetitive sound of the chants also induced a deep meditative state of mind. It is believed that the one word chants or multiple word phrases additionally served to eliminate invasive thoughts and create a peaceful mental environment.

Personal Mantras

There are no correct ways to create your personal mantra. They should be based on your personal experience and what you hope to achieve. A mantra may assure you of security and self-confidence or help eliminate emotional pain.

Choose a time of day when your mind is free of the day's worries and spend 30 minutes contemplating what you desire in your life. Write these thoughts in a journal. Let your thoughts freely flow from your mind to your pen or computer keyboard. After deciding on a particular concept, idea or goal, turn the thought into a statement as if the thought is already a reality. Keep the mantra positive and short. Perhaps you want to lose 10 pounds. You might write “I am happy with my new look.” If wanting to improve your financial situation, write something along the lines of “I am living abundantly blessed.” Avoid using negative words.

Remember to be authentic and honest with yourself when defining goals. You might also want to create many different mantras for different desires. However, each meditation session should focus on only one thought. That way, you can put all of your emotional, psychological and physical effort into that particular thought. If your mantra does not feel like it empowers you, tweak the statement. Include descriptive words that might include:

Anxiety or stress relief-balance, calm or peaceful
Depression-confident, enthusiastic, inspired or motivated
• Finances-abundant, stability or wealth
• Health-alive, healthy, radiant or vitality
• Romance-complete, fulfilled, ready or worthy

The Meditation Process

Choose a time of day when you feel that you can concentrate without disruption. It may initially be difficult to clear your mind and remain focused. Light a candle, find an object in the room to direct your gaze or close your eyes. Repeat your mantra to yourself over and over for approximately five minutes to start. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, with time, your words will feel more convicting.

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