Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend

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Getting over a relationship is difficult. Many believe that in time healing comes. However, it is more of what someone does in that time that can make a dramatic difference. Consider using a few recommended techniques.

Feel The Pain

Breakups commonly cause a wide range of emotions that include anger, sadness and regret. Let the emotions come. Sob your eyes out if necessary. Scream into a pillow. Feel sorry for yourself. Vent with friends. Express your feelings in a journal. However, limit the time that you allow yourself to ride the pity train. After the first week or two, maybe allow yourself to indulge in negative feelings for 30 minutes a day. Then get busy doing something else. Force it if needed. Everyday, gradually decrease the time allowed for emotional indulgences.

He Hated...

If he hated Oriental food, go to a Chinese restaurant and have a feast. Did he make you feel guilty for wanting to enjoy a chick flick? Have a marathon night or watch carefully selected movies all weekend with your girlfriends. Do anything that was typically uncharacteristic of him and enjoy yourself without fear of judgment, negative comments or other repercussions.

Prioritize TLC

Researchers claim that the brain cannot differentiate between emotional and physical pain. Stimulate the neurons located in your cerebral reward center by having your hair done, by going to a nail salon or by buying a new outfit. However, resist getting a drastic makeover that you may regret tomorrow. But, make some subtle changes that will help bolster your self-esteem and renew your spirit. Perhaps you have never been to a spa. Treat yourself.

Work It Out

Enroll in an exercise class or participate in a community sport. Go jogging or bike riding with friends. Engaging in physical activity helps reduce stress and produces healthy fatigue that enables you to sleep better at night. The end result will also include enhancing your personal appearance, which might also be looked at as a bit of revenge.

Renew Your Space

Get new window treatments and maybe some throw pillows or other accent pieces. Rearrange the furniture. Add some plants. Consider making some changes in the bedroom. Splurge on new bedding and perhaps change the color of the walls. Do anything that might bring a new perspective and help bury old memories.

Occupy Your Mind

One of the best ways to prevent wallowing in negative thoughts is to challenge yourself to learn something new. Immerse yourself in a good book. If you have always wanted to take a foreign language class, now is the time. Learn to play a musical instrument or buy the supplies and start a craft project. Besides staying mentally busy, you will also be engaged in self-improvement and making yourself more interesting.

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