How to Block Negative Energy From Other People


Everyone comes in contact with at least one negative person at one time or another. Negative people can surface anywhere. They might be a family member, a friend, someone in a social circle or a co-worker. Critical people are often mistaken as negative people. However, people exuding a negative vibe characteristically express pessimism and a self-defeating attitude. For some reason, they seem incapable of having positive energy. Unfortunately, when exposed to their negativity, people around them endure a draining experience. By implementing various methods, individuals develop a defense against negativity.

Socialize in Groups

When keeping company with two or more other people, negative energy becomes more easily dispersed amongst the crowd and not to one particular person. In this way each person in the group is less likely to feel overly burdened by the bad vibes. Additionally, by being in a group, each member has the opportunity to watch and observe how the other handle the situation for future reference.

Select Topics Carefully

Negative people or energy vampires are often influenced by specific topics. Some may become obsessed about circumstances at work, others may be bitter concerning relationships. Unfortunately once they start venting, it becomes difficult to change the subject. Keep the atmosphere clear by avoiding trigger topics. Consider subjects that are humorous or uplifting.

Minimize Contact

If there is someone who despite your best efforts habitually drains you, limit that amount of time that you must come in contact with the individual. If the situation occurs at work, keep busy and keep topics to work-related subjects. When the person is an acquaintance, avoid them unless you are also in the company of two or more people.

Elimination Time

Should the negativity continually come from a friend or family member, removing them from your life may be a drastic but necessary option if hoping to maintain emotional and psychological health. While the process may seem cruel or painful, remember that people are simply not always compatible with each other.

Consider Listening

Exercise caution in judging someone as negative. Especially if not knowing a person very well and they seem to be in a bad mood, this specific incident may not indicate that they are a negative person. Everyone experiences negative situations. Sometimes people need to vent and share a circumstance with another person to alleviate the emotional or psychological stress they feel as a result of the incident. Providing an ear and empathizing allows them to express their feelings and thoughts, which may provide the listener with the opportunity to offer a solution. Expressing negativity can also be a request for help. By offering to lend a hand, the negativity disperses and leaves both people feeling relieved.


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