How to Block Negative People From Your Life


Whether you are a positive or negative person naturally, the presence of negative people can be very difficult when you want to remain positive. These people, often labeled as toxic people or emotional vampires, may cut down everything good about your life, and try to prevent you from succeeding. This is not always conscious, as many negative people genuinely view themselves as positive and don't see what they do to to others. Others are more manipulative, however, and do so out of a sense of entitlement for the wrongs done to them. Whatever kind of negative person you have, there are things that you can do to help yourself. Here are some steps:

Identify Issues and ask for Help
If you're having a problem with a negative person, the first step is to try to stop their negative behavior by empowering them. Ask them for help in succeeding with a goal they've been naysaying, or with building your confidence with something that you've been nervous about. If they are genuinely unaware of their negativity, this may be enough to flip them.

Set and Define Boundaries
If step one doesn't stop the negativity, then it's time to call them out on their actions. Tell them when they are being negative, and let them know that they will lose a place in your life if they continue. This may mean you stop opening up to them or that they are no longer in your life at all. Be very specific as to what you mean by negativity, and if they cross the line again, be very clear in communicating to them that you are following through on your boundaries until they can change.

Hold your Line
Boundaries are only possible if you follow through with keeping to them. Once you have removed someone toxic, you can't go back to them if you're lonely, or if you hear something funny. You must keep them at the arm's length you need to be able to remain positive in your own life. This also may mean fending off other family members or people who may try and advocate for them. Gently remind these people that this is a personal matter between you and the negative person, and that they are welcome to return to your life when the negative infractions stop.

Find Positive People for Support
If it seems like everyone is on the side of the negative person, then find some positive friends to move on with. This is also a good way to make certain that you're not overreacting or dealing with your own issues of pride or negativity. The best kind of friends support your goals, but give constructive criticism on how to get there via the high road.

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