How to Clear Negative Energy

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Many people feel bogged down, stressed, and full of bad luck. For those who believe in the power of energies, this may be a result of negative energy. This energy may come from you, your loved ones or friends, or it may be a remnant from bad things that happened in an apartment, home or property where you are currently living. No matter the source, there are a number of ways to clear bad energy from your life. Here is a look at some of the ways to do this:

Remove Negative People
The first way to deal with negative energy is to remove the people who make you most frustrated. You don't need to exile yourself from them, merely set good boundaries. If you have a narcissist or other emotional personality in your life, then you need to let them know that your presence in their world is conditional on their good behavior. Hold firm to this. This doesn't mean to take away everyone you don't like, but instead people whose problems prevent you from living a healthy life. Alcoholics, those unwilling to face their own responsibilities, abusive people and others are the ones to consider. Find your line, be open about it, communicate and hold firm. Your life will be better for it.

Remove the Negative Attitude
The past few decades have recognized a new psychological science, called cognitive behavioral therapy. The basic premise is essentially that your brain, like a muscle, can be taught to be positive. By moving to the positive aspect of things when bad things happen, you strengthen the neural pathways toward positivity. They become the main way your thought patterns work, and you become a more positive person. It is the manifestation of fake it until you make it. Meditation, gratefulness and positive acts of kindness toward others are all parts of this, and can make you a more positive person without much other effort.

Perform a Ritual
If none of these work, you can perform some kind of a ritual to dispel negative energy. Almost every culture has their way to do this. The japanese perform Feng Shui. Some Native Americans burn sage and perform other cleansing ceremonies. Chinese will plant lucky totems like bamboo and buddhas, and add bagua mirrors to front doors to reflect negative energy back to the giver. The Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch paint circular totems of a sort to dispel hexes. Gypsies wear god's eyes and other jewelry to prevent the evil eye. Wiccas and Hoodoo practitioners have their own spells, many of which can be done with household items and prayer. As far as finding the right rituals for you, it should make you comfortable and make you feel like there is a difference when you are done. After that, watch the negative energy dissipate before your eyes.

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