How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

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Physicians advise that men consider their lifestyles when concerned about low testosterone levels. Certain changes not only make a difference in terms of hormone production but also improve overall health.

Enough Sleep

A professor associated with George Washington University Medical Center based in Washington reports that in his experience, depleted testosterone levels are often caused by a lack of adequate sleep. Sleep not only improves our cognitive abilities but also gives the body the opportunity to repair itself and manufacture the many chemicals and hormones needed. Men should get anywhere from seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Make sleep a prized priority.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

University of Washington School of Medicine physician Dr. Matsumoto explains that being overweight or obese affects hormone levels. Often times, once men lose the excess weight, testosterone levels rise naturally. Dietary changes are usually recommended to aid in weight loss efforts. However, many make the mistake of eliminating all mono and saturated fats in an effort to keep cholesterol levels down. The body needs a certain amount of HDL cholesterol to create testosterone.

Increase Activity

Living a sedentary lifestyle sends a message to the brain that the body does not require as much testosterone and levels drop. On the other hand, when engaged in physical activity, the opposite is true. If the thought of exercising is a whole new experience, start slow by walking briskly for 10 to 20 minutes everyday. Gradually increase walking time. Health specialists also advise that men should start strength training using conventional weights or elastic bands. Again, start slow and get advise from a coach, therapist or trainer to avoid injury. Resist the urge to overindulge. Excessive physical activity has the opposite effect on hormone production.

Stress Management

When confronted with a stressful situation or enduring long-term stress, the adrenal glands release cortisol. While producing and releasing the stress hormone, the body loses focus of creating other chemicals or hormones. Find ways to reduce the stress at home or at work. Consider reducing work hours if necessary. Work out problems at home. De-stress by devoting at least two hours of the day doing some type of enjoyable, relaxing activity.

Review Medications

The side effects of certain medications include lowered testosterone levels. If taking prescriptions routinely, research the medication and its side effects. Some of the most common formulations that deplete testosterone include opioid analgesics, prescription or body-building steroids. Consult with a physician before stopping any medication that you might consider suspect.

Resist Supplements

While surfing the Internet you will find a number of websites offering hormone-boosting supplements. However, in most instances, physicians warn that the substances have little value. Some may suggest taking DHEA, which is needed for testosterone conversion. Nevertheless, physicians advise that the supplement has not been proven to alter hormone levels.

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