How to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your own

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For many different reasons, alcohol abusers may choose to quit the habit without entering a rehabilitation facility. However, first you must realize that you cannot keep your plan a secret, and you cannot succeed alone. Friends and family serve to help by being a buffer when in tempting public situations. You also need people to provide support and encouragement on those days when you feel you simply will not recover. Whatever method you choose to stop drinking, you must remain committed to overcoming.

Cold Turkey

Stopping abruptly is the time-honored means of giving up alcohol. However, depending on the length and intensity of the addiction, recovering individuals put themselves at risk for experiencing more serious withdrawal symptoms. People are typically advised to undergo detoxification under medical supervision, which ensures that trained personnel are available to intervene in the event that symptoms become life-threatening. Once the detox period ends, the work begins. There are many different factors one must consider.

• Eliminate all traces of alcohol from your home.
• Do not allow anyone to bring alcohol into your home.
• Avoid bars, clubs or pubs where you once partied.
• Avoid old drinking friends.
• Stay busy by working, working more hours or going back to school.
• Have a healthy diversion, which may be an old or new hobby, community service or physical activity.
• Mend relationships by forgiving others and yourself.

Taper Method

Tapering your drinking habit helps reduce the seriousness of withdrawal symptoms, which allows the body to gradually make the transition. However, this technique requires an inordinate amount of willpower, or you will not succeed. If a normal period of consumption involved drinking a six-pack, drink five. If a night of drinking involved having eight drinks, settle for six or seven. You can also extend the time frame between drinks. Spread each over one or two hours. After approximately one week, make another cut and extend the time frame. Continue this method until you are no longer drinking. Do not take another drink. You may stumble at some point. Many falter. However, determine why and make a vow to stay sober.

Dietary Needs

Alcoholism often causes dehydration and malnutrition. Avoid fast and processed foods containing high levels of fat and sugar. Choose nutrient dense foods for regular meals and snacks. Get the daily recommended amounts of protein from meats, poultry, fish and diary products. These foods are also rich in vitamin B12, which is often deficient in habitual drinkers. Combine protein choices with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

As soon as you start the weaning process, start drinking water throughout the day. Water ensures that all body systems function at the highest possible level. Water also hastens the process of eliminating toxins and waste.

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