How to Treat Night Sweats with Natural Home Remedies

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Waking up at night to change pajamas and bed sheets is not conducive to a good night’s rest. If you are menopausal, you have experienced the cold, clammy skin, excessive perspiration, and downright aggravation of the menopausal night sweat. Your sleeping partner is probably having difficulty adjusting to the nighttime ritual of yanking drenched bedding off the bed in the wee hours of the morning. Is it any wonder that you both wake up cranky?

Night sweats are one of the many complaints women report as they make the transition through menopause. They disrupt peaceful sleep, produce piles of sweaty laundry, and result in a morning mood that would scare a bear away. What can you do to curtail the symptoms of this exasperating middle-age nightmare?

Hot Food Leads to Hot Flash

Spicy foods are delicious, but if you want to avoid the nighttime calamity in the bedroom, you’ll have to give them up. Spicy foods are known to cause an increase in menopausal discomfort, including night sweats. While we’re on the subject of dietary triggers, you should also avoid coffee, red wine, and hot beverages, especially in the evening and nighttime hours.

Be Cool

Reduce the temperature in the bedroom before retiring. Turn the heat down as low as you can stand it, or take the plunge and turn it off. In the summertime, turn your air conditioning down and replace blankets with a sheet or lightweight coverlet. A fan will come in handy if you are in the midst of a hot flash or night sweat. Some night sweat sufferers report that a lukewarm bath before bed is soothing and helpful.

What Not To Wear

Stay away from flannel, fleece and anything made of polyester or nylon. If you wear pajamas or nightgowns, stick to natural fabrics, or your sleepwear will stick to you. Make sure your sleepwear is loose fitting and comfortable.

Get Moving

Exercise seems to be the answer to everything these days. You may not believe it, but vigorous exercise helps to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats. If you exercise just twenty minutes a day, you will gain added benefits such as weight loss, enhanced mood, and improved sleep patterns. So, what are you waiting for? Join that aerobics or yoga class to start feeling better and improve your menopausal symptoms immediately.

Check Out Herbal Remedies and Vitamins

Some menopausal women have had great success with over the counter products such as black cohosh, sage and vitamin E. Your local herbalist or homeopathic representative at the local health food store can help you devise an individualized plan. Consult your physician or gynecologist before beginning any regime of over the counter remedies.

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