Ways to Tell You Are Pregnant Without a Pregnancy Test

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Most women can?t wait a few days after their missed periods to know if they?re pregnant. Pregnancy tests can also give false positives or negatives, so the only definitive way to know for sure is by making an appointment with one?s doctor. This can take way too long. Most women want to know how to tell if they are pregnant before taking a pregnancy test.

Classic Signs

A missed period is a classic sign of pregnancy. Sometimes, the period is just late though. It?s important to know exactly when one?s period is coming. Keeping track of one?s menstrual and ovulation cycle is so important. Not every late or missed period indicates a pregnancy though. A variety of different medical conditions can be responsible for a late period. Stress can even cause a period to be late. Another classic sign of pregnancy is extreme fatigue. Women may feel more tired than usual. They may also have unexplained bouts of nausea. Morning sickness is incredibly common during the first trimester. Another classic sign is a change in one?s breasts. They may become swollen and more sore than usual. Nipples and areolas may darken.

Subtle Signs

Women who are truly in tune with their bodies will likely recognize the subtle symptoms of pregnancy. Hormones are fluctuating, and that can cause unexpected changes in mood. Mood swings can be an early sign of pregnancy. Pregnant women may also feel the need to urinate more frequently than usual. Some women may confuse this sign with the early symptoms of a urinary tract infection. The only way to know that this is truly a pregnancy symptom is to visit the doctor. Slight dizziness and faintness are also subtle signs of pregnancy. Hormones are surging, and blood volumes are increasing during this time.

Every Pregnancy is Different

Ultimately, every woman is going to experience pregnancy symptoms differently. Some women will experience every single sign and symptom of pregnancy severely. Other women may only have mild signs of pregnancy. It?s important to be in tune with one?s body. Some women will just get a feeling that they are pregnant. Understanding one?s body is a great way to detect pregnancy before a test. Most women just can?t handle the suspense involved with waiting for a missed period. Home pregnancy tests aren?t fool proof either. If a woman suspects that she is pregnant, she should visit her primary care physician for a definitive test.

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