created by American psychologist Andrew Laurence Comrey, a reserve of personal differences in 8 personality characteristics designed mainly through factor analysis and generating scores on 8 scales: orderliness vs. lack of compulsion, extraversion vs. introversion, emotional stability vs. neuroticism, social conformity vs. rebelliousness, trust vs. defensiveness, activity vs. lack of energy, empathy vs. egocentrism, and masculinity vs. femininity. This stock analysis is modeled for use by people at least sixteen years of age. It contains 180 assertions for which test-takers reply using a seven-point likert scale spanning from definitely not to definitely or from never to always.

COMREY PERSONALITY SCALES (CPS): "The test design evaluated the participants via Comrey personality scales."
Cite this page: N., Sam M.S., "COMREY PERSONALITY SCALES (CPS)," in, April 7, 2013, (accessed July 3, 2022).


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