orgasm generated from arousal of the vulva. Some researchers have postulated two forms of orgasm, vulval and uterine, the latter consisting of deep vaginal penetration which results in uterine contracting in orgasm. Uterine orgasms are not thought to take place with vulval orgasms. This theory implies that a more total or gratifying orgasm stems from sex than from arousal of the vulva by itself. However, some women have claimed that whether or not uterine contractions join orgasm is not reliant on the form of arousal or carnal activity, but rather on how intense the orgasm is, and that the orgasms of highest intensity happen in such acts as cunnilingus or during vibrator arousal of the clitoris.

VULVAL ORGASM: "After giving birth, Elena's doctor recommended for her to experiment with vulval orgasm to allow her uterus to heal from pregnancy. "
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